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24 Hours of Hell in Paradise X

August 6th and 7th 2011 brought on the tenth anniversary of the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise at Kualoa Ranch. I remember my first one, I was on a team and we got our asses handed to us, and I was riding with a collapsed lung. Last Place by a long shot. Awesome time. We were doing alot more sleeping than riding, and our intake of liquid barley and hops was quite high. I remember waking up and seeing every member of my team fast asleep. Not really the best strategy.

After a couple more goes we decided to take it seriously and won the Men's Team Category 4 times, got two team 2nd's, plus 3 Mens Solo wins, 1 solo 2nd, two Solo 3rd's, a Womens solo win and a Solo singlespeed win. No matter how you go at a 24 hour race, it's a physical and mental beatdown. So over the 10 years of this thing Crosstown riders past and present have taken 9 Golds, 3 Silvers and 2 Bronze across a few different categories.

Honolulu Century Ride - 2011

We decided to join a few thousand others on a leisurely 100 mile ride from Kapiolani Park to Swanzy and back.

When you ride all day every day 100 miles isnt that much of an undertaking, so we decided to go at it with 5 people and 3 bikes. Figure that one out.